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Hello there! I'm Annette - mother of three, part-time barista and lover of all things sweet! I'm pretty famous in the little town where I live because my cakes and pastries take out the prizes at the local show each year. As a dedicated connoisseur of bakery items, I am always the first person to visit a new bakery and see what they have on offer. These days, it has become harder and harder for me to replicate some of the amazing creations in my own kitchen. I know there are others out there who share my passion for bakeries and their delicious treats. This blog will hopefully provide inspiration and information about new bakery trends. Stay sweet!

How to Choose the Cake for a Child's Birthday Party


It's your child's birthday party, and everything needs to be perfect. One of the most important things to get right is the cake. It's simple to figure out how much cake you're going to need since numbers are easy to estimate for a child's birthday, but there a number of other considerations that you need to take into account.

Pick a Popular Flavour

You'd be hard-pressed to find a cake that isn't absolutely mouth-watering, but everyone has a preference. Children have simple tastes, so it's best to go with one of the more common and less complex flavours. Vanilla and chocolate are popular options.

Of course, your child's desired cake might be, say, a walnut and pecan. That might be their top choice, but not everyone is going to be on-board. If your child does like a more unusual type of cake, consider having two smaller ones made instead of one large one. 

Find Out About Allergies

Even adults can act impulsively and forget about allergies at the sight of a delicious birthday cake, so it's no surprise that kids will often tuck in without considering whether the cake might cause an unpleasant reaction.

This is why it's important to call around all the parents to find out if any of your children's friends have an allergy that might make a certain ingredient inadvisable. Once again, two cakes can be better than one if any child has a particularly troublesome allergy. If this is something you decide to do, just make sure you give out slices yourself instead of letting the children come and pick up their own.

Find a Theme

Now that you've decided how large the cake will be and what will be going into it, it's time to think about how it's going to look. You'll enjoy a major advantage if your child's party has a certain theme. Will there be animals or a safari-theme? Get a cake made in the same shape as a lion or zebra. Does your child fancy themselves a fairy princess? Try opting for a rainbow cake.  

If the type of party doesn't provide any inspiration, take your kid's hobbies and interests into account. If they're into football, get the cake made to look like the shirt of their favourite player. If they're obsessed with a certain superhero, make the cake look like that character. Talk with your local cake shop for options if you don't feel up to a very unique cake design. 

There you have it, all the information necessary to choose a fitting birthday cake that will see everyone digging in with enthusiasm.


15 January 2016